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” Text: Tür zur Vergangenheit Schulporträt Ungarndeutsches Bildungszentrum Baja Projekt: Minderheiten in Ungarn – auf Spurensuche Text: „Der Musikworkshop gibt uns die Möglichkeit, sich zu verbessern!

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Its literal meaning is ‘God-breathed’ and it is indeed a term used in pagan literature, for example in reference to the Sibylline oracles (cf. Greek words with the –tos ending tend to be passive rather than active, so we should not take this to mean ‘every Scripture is inspiring’ but rather ‘every Scripture is inspired’. The emphasis here is actually on what it is good or profitable for—as a source of teaching about God and human beings and their ways, as a means of refuting false arguments or errors and offering positive ‘proofs’ and rebuking sin , and as a means of offering constructive wisdom and teaching on how to live a life pleasing to God.

What is meant is that God speaks through these words. It will be seen then that the OT is largely viewed here as a source for ethical instruction and exhortation, which is not surprising given the emphasis in this letter.

God breathed life and meaning and truth into them all (see similarly Num. There is no emphasis here on it being a sourcebook for Christian theology, which would come more from the Christian kerygma and Christian tradition.

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