Django syncdb not updating database

If you are translating monolingual files, it is recommended to rerun quality checks as they might have been wrongly linked to units in previous versions.

It does not give me any error, but when i hover over the "Modify" link it a CRM a customer search for data and sort it and open one data like the data on position number 9 with id 12, now the customer and will save and get the next entry, how i will get now the first ...I have both installed python_devel and mysql_devel (that is Maria DB devel) still I get a file not found error when installing mysqlclient with pip: Package python-devel-2.7.5-48.el7.x86_64 already ... Instead, we'll use one managed by virtualenv that can't be messed up by other users (or yourself) working elsewhere on the machine. Before we actually start the project, we need to have a little talk.Both are popular enough that learning resources abound online.