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He said it was outrageous Mr Hollande was using ‘bodyguards paid for with public funds’ to attend secret trysts with Miss Gayet, who has two children with her estranged husband, Argentinian film director Santiago Amigorena, 51.Photographers from French Closer, who watched a Paris flat a few hundred yards from the Elysee for several days, said Mr Hollande regularly met his lover there, wearing a crash helmet when entering and leaving the building in a weak attempt at disguise.It seems extraordinary that a man occupying the grandest and most powerful of European leadership positions, one originally designed for the towering figure of General de Gaulle, should be so inadequately shod.But then Hollande is not only much smaller than his august precursor (5 foot 6 inches to de Gaulle’s 6 foot 5 inches); as a socialist, he cultivates simplicity and modesty.

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On June 12, just one month after François Hollande had been installed as the new president of France (succeeding Sarkozy), his stunning magazine-writer girlfriend, Valérie Trier­weiler, took to her Twitter account in a towering rage against Ségolène Royal, Hollande’s former partner and the mother of his four children.

It’s for his successes— from reducing unemployment to legalizing same-sex marriage— that the 62-year-old Socialist president would likely want to be remembered.

But such achievements won’t define his presidency, at least not alone.

I don’t think I know anybody with only one pair of shoes.

Even my brother John, who at the age of 86 has rather let himself go sartorially-speaking, possesses two pairs.