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If you like to wear fangs, act like a clown, or look like a wolf – chances are, you'll be treated as an outsider.On this episode of True Life, you'll meet three young women who are sick of being ostracized Since practically the beginning of civilization, man has wondered if, when, and how the world might end. You'll meet two guys gearing up to face the ultimate meltdown.“Not getting a reply from someone after I disclose my status to him makes me feel almost less than human.”Depressing along the same lines as that is the reaction of Lexi’s boyfriend, Max, upon learning that he’s contracted ureaplasma from her.

undetectable and yet face other people’s reservations (if not outright bigotry) regarding their status. In the clip above Jonahs gets rejected after disclosing his status to a guy he met online.“I feel like this is a cycle that is never ending,” he says.In the case of Grace and Dylan, who already have two kids together, the stigma that's come with their relationship is apparently forcing them out of town — and to move across the U. even, to Los Angeles, because goodness knows anything goes in L. For six-months pregnant Alexis and cousin bae Andrew, an added wrinkle is that she requires bail money (for Andrew) from their family.Despite all the star cross'd lovers' drama, MTV's preview also promises fun times lines like "She's my cousin, but everyone's like, 'Well, man, she's fine,'" from Dylan, who then adds, "Yeah, that's why I kinda put a ring on it." So it'll be a good show, probably?There are usually three people featured in every episode.Their lives are taped for the duration of filming so viewers can get an idea of what it is like to live with whatever challenge is being highlighted for that episode.