Dating a vintage omega watch

Below are the serial numbers and the corresponding date of manufacture but this in not exact perhaps close to 1-2 years also depends when the watch was sold.

Data adapted with permission from “Omega Speedmaster Evolution” by Roman Hartmann.

Example Explained: The above example is a "Stainless Steel, Mens Watch, Self Winding-Center Seconds, Water Resistant Model".

During this period, they continued to make significant innovations, like the minute-repeating wristwatch, developed in 1892 in partnership with Audemars Piguet, and quite likely the first wristwatch of its kind.Omega watches carry a serial number which is stamped on the movement for vintage models up (up to around 1980) or etched on the outside of the case for later models.For vintage models this is translates to the production date of the movement which can differ to the subsequent date when the watch was sold so it can only be used as an approximate tool only.Often, the person will try to identify what they have by describing what it looks like.But unfortunately, the most common answer to these question is that the description is so vague or ambigious that it is useless in identifying the watch enough to tell them any more than they already know.