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Since moving to Los Angeles eight years ago, I've been bringing Korean and non-Korean friends to share the joys of drinking soju and belting out Britney Spears tunes in individual rooms equipped with tambourines, disco balls and surround-sound that creates the intoxicating illusion that we've got better pipes than we do.I'd been aware of for-hire party girls whom men pay 0 or more to hang out with in the karaoke bars' private rooms — and that sometimes the lines between fake affection and prostitution can get blurry.

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The below issues are common with children who share rooms. If your children are different ages, you shouldn't force the older child to go to bed at the same time as her younger sibling, says Dr. She adds that children should be allowed to go to bed when it's developmentally appropriate.

"Otherwise, older children will become resentful." The Solution: Mc Maken explains that when her children first shared a room, the problem with a shared bedtime was that they were constantly talking and playing instead of sleeping.

The icon is disguised as “My Utilities,” so no one will ever guess there are private photos tucked away in your phone.

There is an “Intruder stopper” option plays fake video upon opening.