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This is in fact the Facebook and You Tube generation, and the reality is that many teens are unconcerned about the dangers of sharing personal information online.A highly respected education advocate, Kevin Honeycutt, once asked me if any of us from our generation (Gen X and before), had ever made a mistake in puberty.During the Fundamentalist-Modernist controversy of the 1920s, Christian evangelist Bob Jones, Sr.

In fact, some of the heaviest users of online tools and social media, are our young students, who are growing up as a generation of visual learners and visual attention seekers.

In addition to the unique gifts and interests that autistic students bring to the classroom as people, their responses can serve as an early warning system for pedagogical problems that are happening in the classroom as a whole.

Belle Gardner (not her real name) is the principal of a Maine elementary school enrolling about 240 students.

Given these popular discourses, combined with increasing national pressure on schools to raise achievement, it might seem that Ms.

Gardner would view the increase in autism spectrum labels among her students as cause for alarm. Although she does ask questions such as “Are our numbers higher because diagnosis is getting better?