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You may not have wanted to talk to your neighbor during the first few noise violations, as it’s often more convenient to send the police and let them speak for you.

Prosecutors Rachel Africk and Seth Shute discussed the fake Facebook profile they say Dufresne created to coordinate her multiple sexual encounters.

The local law enforcement will want to know that the property owner has been advised of any problems, because often, the landlord is the one who is responsible to deal with the situation.

Talk to Your Neighbor Directly It’s often advisable to let the guilty parties know that actions are pending against them.

Evangelist Franklin Graham prayed on a sidewalk outside the Pentagon Thursday after his invitation to a prayer service inside was withdrawn because of comments that insulted people of other religions.

Rochester police were sent to the Fairview Apartments near the county fairgrounds late Thursday night after a female tenant reported she had been in a confrontation with a man who also lives in the building.