Validating debt with collection agency

If a debt collector has failed to respond to your debt validation request, then they have essentially admitted, per Texas Finance Code 392.202(b)(2), that the debt in question is inaccurate.

As such, all collection efforts on the debt must cease and any derogatory listing should be permanently removed from any consumer credit reports.

Texas Finance Code Section 392.202 requires a debt collection agency or credit bureau to provide the alleged debtor with specific information concerning their debt including but not limited to: The most effective way to request a validation of debt is to send the debt collector a certified letter requesting specific information.

The debt collector has five (5) days after admission of inaccuracy of this debt to cease collections and remove credit bureau listings.

Failure by a collection agency to meet this five (5) day deadline means that they have violated Texas Law and would subject the third party debt collector to civil and criminal penalties.

If you have received a debt collection call or letter in the mail from a debt collector, you have specific rights under Texas law.

By initiating a debt collection, the third party debt collector must be able to prove that they are the legitimate owners of the debt, as well as to provide the alleged debtor with specific information regarding the debt.