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He's also 30 lbs heavier than the aforementioned David Boston (and 3 inches taller). That's the same height as Vincent Jackson...30 lbs heavier. He is the coaching victories leader at both Arizona and Hawai'i, where he served 10 years as head coach from 1977-1986.

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He filled in well when he had to, especially later in the year. And that WR won't be an improvement on CC (unless we're going for WR in the 1st round). Not sure what the figure is next year, but that's a lot. It's easy to see 10 spots turning over on this roster when you start looking at names isn't it?

Maybe because it had happened before, against the Jets, in the playoffs, at San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium in 2005: A rookie from Iowa, Kaeding missed a game-winning kick in overtime, and the Chargers lost.

Maybe because Kaeding, the sixth-most accurate kicker in NFL history, made only eight of his 15 career playoff kicks.

Mackovic will call Arizona's plays and his teams have had a reputation for offensive firepower. 9-2 Texas Stanford 4-4 5-6 -- UCLA 3-5 6-5 Sun Bowl vs. 6-5 Boston College Arizona 3-5 5-6 -- USC 2-6 5-7 -- WSU 2-6 4-7 -- California 2-6 3-8 -- *Longest winning streak - Washington (7) *Longest losing streak - Stanford (6) *Highest national ranking - Washington (4, final regular season poll) *Washington, Oregon State (5) and Oregon (8) each finished in the Top 10 in the AP poll.

He was named National Coach of the Year at Wake Forest in 1979.