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Photos and Videos Features:- Create Albums right in the app- Import/Export from Photo app- Photo preserves Exif-data- Exif (image metadata) viewer photo information such as date, iso and GPS- Add/Search photos by caption or description- Slideshow- Video player- Edit photo crop, orientation and filters effect- i Tunes Syncing- Email Photos Protection:- Calculator lock type- Break-in report with photo and GPS- Decoy passcode How to access Private Photos Press "Decimal button"Enter 1000Press "Decimal button"You can change the default passcode once you login Don't forget your passcode (you can't recover it!

)Calculator Features:- Big buttons for ease of use.- Math calculator style- Two line display- 10 digits- Percent operation- Thousands separators (Support multi format,xx and x,xxx.xx)- Large size ' ' button- Copy/Paste button- Click sound NOTES:- Photos and Videos imported from camera roll needs to be manual deleted from the photo app.- All data stored locally on your device.(not on server or i Cloud)- Need help enter .0911- for ticket support Love this as I have a few pics I don't want on my camera roll.

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See more » I had intended to just watch the opening, after so many people I know were recommending this to me. "It's just not my thing." Minutes later, I was shushing my family so I could hear the movie. I think I played it one time, and didn't enjoy it. Instead, it was all about the _players_, and was incredibly compelling.

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Private Photo (Calculator%) app is private photos and videos hidden behind calculator.

Besides upgrading to a larger disk, the easiest way to free up some space is to remove and archive some of the stuff that you don’t really need.

To check how much space you are using for different categories such as audio, movies, photos and applications, select About This Mac from the Apple Menu, click the More Info button followed by the Storage tab.