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On February 3rd, Haze and Baldwin broke up, subsequently breaking the hearts of queers the world over. On February 5th, Haze tweeted a picture of Baldwin (looking damn fine), captioned with hearts and whatnot. To clarify, I don’t have many shits to give about celebrity breakups/makeups.

I’m not sure Haze, 23, and Baldwin, 19, even qualify as “celebrities,” with the former a talented artist and the latter criminally gorgeous progeny (her dad is Alec Baldwin).

And I sure as hell am not socially aware enough to lend my burgeoning, partially-formed opinions to this article — gayness aside.

I will say that coming out of a “cult,” as Haze did, makes growing up brown and lesbian in Mississippi sound like nirvana. Angel Haze and Ireland Baldwin are so very important.

And for all of those previous 31 years, I’ve treated this place as my oyster.It’s part of my nature: No matter what city I’m in, I want to take it all in, or as much of it as time will allow.Thirty-one years is a lot of time, and in that time, I’d set foot in every neighborhood in this city. Like most black Philadelphians, I had heard stories about Fishtown. I’d read stories about blacks getting harrassed, and worse, when they moved into the neighborhood. Journalist Bobbi Booker, who came of age in South Philly during the years of racial strife in the 1970s and ’80s, had a similar recollection of the place.There are certain things you don’t expect when you move to Republic of Ireland. You also don’t expect that the country with population of only four and a half million people will be so opened for interracial and international couples.I guess that’s why there’s a character for ‘love’ – 愛 – in the name translation!