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Details of the literature search used to gather this information are provided in Chapter 3. The revised WIC food packages can accommodate a wide range of medical conditions. Journal of the American Dietetic Association 102(7):911-913. Your child’s education is most likely an area of great interest to you.As a child with a disability, he or she may be eligible for special education services in school.The information contained in this website is updated regularly and reflects all updates, edits, and/or changes made to the Standards and the content contained in collections of Standards.Any information obtained from this website, or any other source, previous to today may contain differences in content.Being a parent is the most wonderful—and hardest—job in the world.If you have a child with special needs, your job is no less wonderful, but it can be more complicated.

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(1) This guide can help you learn what you need to know.(4) IDEA includes a great deal of information to help states design special education programs for children with disabilities.IDEA also includes regulations to protect the rights of parents and children.It explains the basics of the special education process and gives you information on how to be an effective partner with your child’s school. (2) This means that schools must provide eligible children who have a disability (3) with specially designed instruction to meet their unique needs at no cost to the children’s parents.This specially designed instruction is known as special education.

Accommodating children with special dietary needs 13 34