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He was invited back for a celebration show in 2013, and managed to become the only contestant to win two dates.but it was eventually hosted by Cilla Black, who already hosted the LWT series, Surprise Surprise.“It’s been 14 years since blind Date was last on our screens and it was presented of course by the late, great and my friend Miss Cilla Black.Let’s hear it for her.“The woman who gave me two heart attacks and broke my nose in a jacuzzi.Cilla passed away at the age of 72, 12 years after the last episode of Blind Date, leaving her long-time friend Paul 'destroyed' by her sudden death.She died of a traumatic head injury after an accidental fall at her home in Spain on August 1, 2015.On our dates she had worn similar outfits and not allowed any touching apart from holding hands. "How do I know that you are not just saying this to stop me seeing Cindy and will then not follow up? "Because I want you to take me to my bed and have sex with me here and now," she replied in a matter of fact way. She sat there and started to cry, I put an arm around her and said "Don't cry, it all just seems a bit surreal to me." She snuffled into my shoulder and left her hand on my thigh as I gently stroked my hand up and down her arm.Her parents had asked to meet me to ascertain my intentions to their daughter and whether I was boyfriend material. "I don't know what to say," I replied as she started to stroke my thigh. The silky feel of her blouse brought back memories of our first time where we didn't wait to get fully undressed, we were both drunk and horny and were so desperate to have sex that we only removed our trousers and undies before we had screwed on the floor of my hotel room.

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Her parents were very conservative and religious and didn't take kindly to me as I didn't come from their scene, they would have much preferred Cindy to date Jimmy from the their church. We had been on 2 dates and the furthest we had gone was a quick peck on the lips after the 2nd date.

Since it was last on screens and of course a lot has changed since then in the dating world.

“There was no social media back then, so the only tablet you had in your handbag was a Valium or a water pill and if you wanted to meet somebody in those days - if you were lonely - you’d put an ad in the back of the newspaper looking for a partner.

As Cilla Black's best friend he was the obvious choice to take the reigns of her beloved show Blind Date when it returns to screens later this year.

And Paul O'Grady didn't hold back as he took over hosting duties, shocking audiences with his potty mouth and quipping that the late icon, who died in August 2015, took drugs.