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In October 2008, John was honoured by the Real Estate Institute of NSW with the Woodrow Weight OBE Award, a lifetime achievement award for his outstanding contribution to the real estate industry.

John himself has become a spokesperson for the industry both in Australia and internationally.

In 1960 however, Mc Grath found himself the subject of a bid by Newcastle United and after nearly five years with Bury, in which he made 148 appearances scoring two goals, he left for St James' Park for a £24,000 fee.

Mc Grath again became somewhat of a cult hero with The Dell faithful during what was a difficult time for the club, not only playing 168 games, but also making his mark as a very shrewd coach.

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An integrated real estate services business, Mc Grath today is one of the fastest growing real estate companies in Australia with over 100 offices and an established market presence in NSW, the ACT, Queensland, and more recently Victoria."It won't close because Sydney is coming back big time,'' he said."Sydney might correct a few per cent at some point, it probably will, it is going to close because property here for me when you compare it with the other big east coast cities is undervalued and is due for a catch-up.'' Mr Mc Grath used Brisbane and Sydney suburbs Paddington as a comparison to where the different capital city markets were."They are quite comparable, the style and equidistance from the city, a similar demographic and so forth,'' he said.John Mc Grath is considered one of the most influential figures in the Australian property industry.

John mcgrath dating profile