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the Bright and Shining Example of their Fathers and Mothers HEREIN TRANSMITTED TO TIHEM, May be ever their Guiding Star through the Voyage of Life. as would mreet the approbation of all, we are sensible that many things worthy of remembrance have been omitted. and made it a sort of commercial emporium for the country around. 6,1796-Sybrant Bleeker------Stephen Raynard.-- -100_--,50 Apr. Cyrus, the second son of Punderson, was born in Pompey, July 28th, 1807; married first, Calista Hibbard, February 3d, 1828; second, Lurinda Jones, February 3d, 1831; third, Sabra Vosburgh, January 3d, 1847.

POMPEY: Published b Y Direction of the Be-Union Meetine. To THE DESCENDANTS -OFThe Pioneer Residents of the Old Town of Pompey, THIS BOOK -Is MOST AFFECTIONATELY DEDICATED; HOPING That. The reputation of the place for wealth, intelligence and refinement, and the energy and talent of its principal men, called hither a great amount of business, TIHE POMPEY RE UNION. The following is a list of the names of persons elected to the office of Supervisors and Towns Clerks, in the Town of Pompey, from 1794 to 1875 inclusive, together with number of years they served: 246 246 THl E POMPEY RE-UNION. Some of his feats of walking when the country was new were considered very good; he walked on one occasion from Oran to Ithaca in a day and back the next.

TEr-UTI\T-10Io IT 0F THE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF TIHE OLD TO~i NY OPF~ POME HELD AT POMPEY HILL, JUNE 29, 4874, PROCEEDIN'-'ýGS OF TIHE MEETI-NG-)'F, SPEECHES, TOASTS AND Oi THER INCIDENTS OF TIHE OCCASIO-N. Munroes of Elbridge and Camillus, this place being their most accessible market. modern one, which, with a handsome silver communion service, was given by another sister in the church. July 9, 1790--State of New York----John Thayer ---- --600--Soldier May 25, 1790--John Thayer--- -----Sam'l Bostwick-- --_600---8 pds. July 9, 1790--State of New York-- -Abijah Ward--------600 -Soldier Feb. One winter he spent in Russia and threshed wheat for the Emperor several months; was on the most intimate terms with the Grand Duke, Constantine, and finally presented his machine to the Government.

A LSO, A h JISTORY OF THE, TOWN, REMINISCENCES AND BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES OF ITS EARl-lk'LY INHABITANTS. Here they sold their grain to Henry Seymour and carried back groceries, dry goods, &c., purchased of him. For many years the above church was the oinly one in the place; but in process of time three others have been organized, and now occupy their respective places of worship. Oct'r 5, 1793-- " " - -----Richard Rogers -----600-31 pds. Ile has a large family of children-five sons, all mechanics, and five daughters.

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