Dating ideas for winter

Fly Over Canada will transform into a magical winter wonderland for the ultimate virtual experience.

You’ll have a blast helping Santa Claus search for his missing elves during an exhilarating flight across Canada and on to the North Pole.

It’s an incredibly charming spot for a magical holiday date.

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Embark on an exotic adventure with a visit to the aquarium.Then, once your toes start to feel too cold or the hypothermia sets in, you can find the nearest cafe and adorably drink coffee.2.Try some DIY karaoke Karaoke is one of the most fun things you can do with your pants on, but if your hood doesn't have a dedicate spot, you can always invite some friends over and pretend like you're all in the car with James Corden." Or play Scrabble, but make it naughty-words-only.Switch up your routine and get warm by luxuriating in the tub with your guy.